Why We Must Unite

A leadership is questioned, a party shaken, but the system remains the same.

What must we do to wake people up? How many political cycles must we endure before we finally take action? For many of us we’ve been fighting this fight all our lives. For just as many we are only just entering the fray. The one common  experience that we all share are those moments, usually alone, sometimes in the back of a police cruiser, when we question our ability to accomplish change. What can one individual do against the might of the state? What can five? What can ten? Can one hundred even make a difference? I know that feeling too well, and I have spent too many hours dwelling on it. The answers to these questions aren’t pretty, which is probably why they aren’t acknowledged. One person can’t make a difference. Neither can ten, or for that matter even one hundred. These are the answers we never want to hear, but here they are. But I say this: to me they offer hope. To me they have shone a light on a path that for so long we ignored. It is time we came together, as anarchists and as human beings. There is no other way to overcome the obstacles we face. We’ve worked in smaller groups for decades, we know our systems work. This is the next stage of our journey. WE MUST COME TOGETHER. It is a hard thing to say, and I know that I will be criticized for saying it, but unless we come together now, with unstoppable climate change and peak oil looming ahead of us, we will never get another chance.
So here is my proposal:
On behalf of the AFN I would like to extend the invitation of collaboration, solidarity and unity. In this we do not mean the usual “solidarity” cliche as so many of us Western anarchists like to cling to (don’t take this the wrong way, it is an extremely positive ideal, the term is just overused), we mean complete and total solidarity. We mean that at every demonstration, every picket, every sit in and every street battle we are one, brothers and sisters. We mean support for each other no matter what. Saying that, any group that wishes to be a part of such a federation would ABSOLUTELY, UNQUESTIONABLY maintain it’s autonomy and individuality. We do not AT ALL want to give the impression that we want to be at the head of such a federation (there would be none), as that would be completely counter to everything we stand for as anarchists. In such a federation every person would be unquestionably and undeniably equal with every other person within the federation.
The AFN is only small, with an even smaller amount of active “identifying” members, but if you want us with you we will be with you no matter what. But we expect the same in return.
Our goal is to establish a United Anarchist Federation. We will be sending this invitation of solidarity to every group we know of and can find prior to the anti-Reclaim Australia rally in the hopes of establishing a strong and united front against the fascist pigs that seek to subjugate those most vulnerable in the community. We hope to be able to extend such a relationship and eventually begin working towards our collective goal:
If you are reading this, please consider this offer fully.
~J (on behalf of the AFN)

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